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At this time, the submission process is closed and authors of selected proposals have been notified to submit full papers.

Conference includes a roundtable discussion among researchers led by Sugata Mitra, keynote speaker.

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The second Global Home Education Conference will bring together practitioners, organizational leaders, policy-makers, and researchers from around the world who are interested in the global rise of home education. The program from the first global conference can be viewed at www.GHEC2012.org. The conference’s broad goal is to promote greater understanding of home education among practitioners, leaders, and policy-makers. The conference program is organized around the theme “Home Education: It’s a Right.”


Conference organizers invite research proposals for workshop presentations, papers, and panels. Graduate students and emerging scholars are especially invited to apply. Research and scholarly papers should address issues and concerns relevant to the global home education movement. The conference welcomes presentations that are critical as well as supportive of home education. Papers previously published in an academic journal or presented at an academic conference do not qualify for prize consideration. Conference registration and attendance is required for prize consideration. Multiple authorships are acceptable. Experts within each category will be solicited to provide peer reviews. The review committee will make final award decisions, based upon the recommendations of the peer reviewers.

General session

Prizes: Up to $10,000 USD in prizes and travel stipends are planned. Two (2) $1,000.00 prizes, plus a $1,500.00 travel stipend, will be awarded for top papers. Up to five (5) $1,000.00 travel stipends will be awarded for papers receiving honorable mention.

Categories: Empirical research, policy papers, and theoretical papers in the fields of education, sociology, political science, human rights, and economics will be considered.

Publication: The Journal of School Choice will publish the top four papers pending favorable peer review. Publication will follow the conference. All accepted submissions will be digitally archived and available on the GHEC 2016 website.

Key Dates: 

  • September 7, 2015: Deadline to submit proposals. Invited presenters will be notified on an ongoing basis.
  • December 31, 2015: Deadline to submit full papers
  • January 15, 2016: Award winners notified by this date

Limit 500 words for presentation proposals. Limit 2,000 words or less for paper proposals. English, Spanish, or French submissions are preferred.

Research Questions to Consider:

  1. What converging factors have given rise to the expanding home education movement worldwide?
  2. Along what dimensions do homeschoolers in the 21st century compare/contrast with their predecessors?
  3. What outcomes have been noted among homeschooled students and graduates?
  4. How do homeschool graduates interpret their homeschool experiences?
  5. How do teaching parents interpret their homeschool experiences?
  6. What challenges exist related to researching homeschoolers? What workarounds might ameliorate these challenges?
  7. What is the societal impact of homeschooling on a school district, region, state, or nation?
  8. What conclusions can we draw from the data and research published thus far on home education?
  9. What impact have various regulations and/or public policy initiatives had on both the homeschool movement in a region and society-at-large?
  10. How should homeschooling be analyzed and critiqued as a cultural phenomenon, educational reform, political movement, and/or economic trend?
  11. How should homeschooling be framed within the context of the international human rights movement or specific global or regional human rights documents?



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