Timothy Brennan, Sr

Bible Education Association Ministries

Timothy Brennan, Sr was born in Troy, PA, USA and arrived in Brazil with missionary parents on Feb. 28, 1952 (at 7 months old), at the mouth of the Amazon River. Both of Tim's parents were teachers and dorm parents for missionary kids. He attended there most of grades 2 thru high school. In 1968, he began studies at LeTourneau University, in Longview, Texas. He and his wife Faith married in 1973 in the city of Belém, PA, Brazil.

The Brennans went to New Tribes Mission Training Institute learning how to: 1) contact tribal people in the jungles, 2) learn their language & culture, 3) translate the Holy Scriptures, 4)to teach them the Scriptures in the geographical, historical, linguistic, and cultural Biblical contexts. Tim holds a Masters Degree in Theology from Covington Theological Seminary. Faith home schooled all five of our children in Brazil. Besides English, their now-adult children also learned fluently the Portuguese language and partly the tribal language. As a family and with the help of co-workers, they have started places of worship, prayer & Bible studies in cities in two southern Brazilian states of Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, as well as worked among the Kaingang Indian reservations.

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