Sugata Mitra: Why I Am Going to Rio

Sugata Mitra

The GHEC 2016 in Rio this year is a timely and large event.

Home Education has always been a somewhat controversial issue in children's education. Some are afraid, others are skeptical of the results. It is interesting to think that the same is not the case with adult education. It is perfectly acceptable to complete a degree course from home from a reputed Open University. Why do we not equate home education for adults with home education for children? I think there is an (usually) unspoken opinion that children cannot learn by themselves, without the scaffolding that schools and teachers provide. But this argument seems to have flaws. These flaws have, accidentally, been exposed by the growth of the Internet.

The Internet is not 'taught' in schools because it changes too fast and there is no one to 'teach' it. So, our children are expected to learn to use the Internet on their own, in the streets. They seem to be able to do this very effectively, as my work and the work of many others have shown. Indeed anyone with a child knows this. Adults routinely ask children to solve problems with their computers, tablets and phones. Who taught them? Why can't adults learn this on their own the way their children do?

I hope we will look for some answers in Rio!



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