Maria Bellmunt

GHEC 2016 Research Topic:
Socialization of Homeschooled Students (La socialización de los niños homeschoolers)
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Universitat de Girona

Maria is the mother of 5 children and has homeschooled them since May 2011, when she began researching and studying about homeschooling.

She is a member of ALE, the Asociación para la Libre Educación in Spain, the national Spanish homeschool association, as well as CCRRH, Coordinadora Catalana pel Reconeixement i la Regulació del Homeschooling, the homeschool association in Catalán.

She is a primary teacher, piano teacher, holds a Masters of Education and is working on her doctoral dissertation with the Universitat de Girona.  Her PhD research will focus on homeschooling with a specific focus on the socialization of homeschooled children.

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