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Home Education in Kenya: Struggles, Successes, and Strategies


East African Community of Homeschoolers

Liz and her husband Patrice begun homeschooling about 17 years ago, becoming one of the pioneer Kenyan homeschool families. Liz has a great passion for education and describes her homeschooling journey as one that has been pivotal in shaping her views on education. She co-founded one of the first homeschool co-ops for Kenyans and has subsequently founded two other co-ops that continue to grow strong. She is a steering committee member of the East Africa Community of Homeschoolers (EACH), an organization that networks homeschoolers in the region. She is also an education consultant, providing training and guidance to homeschoolers, parents, and other educators. Liz holds a Master’s degree in Education Psychology. She and her husband are blessed with 3 children, all of whom are homeschooled, with the oldest now in university.

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