Ingo Richter (Prof. Dr.)

GHEC 2016 Research Topic:
In the Best Interest of the Child: A new approach to a human rights based theory of home-schooling
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Professor of Law | University of Tubingen and Paris - Nanterre

Born 1938 in Pommerania and raised in Western Germany. Studied Law and Political Science in Gottingen, Munich, Hamburg and Paris. Doctorate in Law in Hamburg and in Paris 1965/66. Law Professor at Berlin Free University and Hamburg University, teaching also in Stanford University, Hastings Law School, University of Chicago, Smith College, Bordeaux and Tunis. Membership in several educational reform commissions. Director of the German Youth Institute Munich (1993-2003). Editor of the Journal "Recht der Jugend und des Bildungswesens". Author of numerous books and articles on Constitutional Law and Educational Law.

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