Homeschool Family Interviewed on Taiwan TV


Homeschooling was legalized in Taiwan in 1999 and the community has been growing ever since.  Taiwan Homeschool Advocates is a national homeschooling support group in Taiwan, led by Mr. Tim Chen. He and his wife Mrs. Dorota Chen-Wernik homeschool their three children. Watch their interview with Taiwan Outlook here to learn more.

Raymond Wu (Host): Have you ever thought about homeschooling your children? And what are some of the factors that families should consider? We're going to learn more on today's program about homeschooling because we're delighted to have a couple on the program who have homeschooled their children over the years. And they are to my immediate left, of course is the mother, the wife, and she is Dorota Chen-Wernik who is originally from Poland. Welcome to our program.

Dorota Chen-Wernik: Thank you very much, hello everybody. 

Wu: And next to Dorota is of course the husband, the father, Timothy Chen. Tim, welcome to the program.

Tim Chen: Thank you very much. Hi everybody. 

Wu: And like I said in the beginning, Dorota, you are originally from Poland. You have been in Taiwan many years. Tell us then a little bit, how did you and Tim first meet and what was your story? ...

Watch the full interview with Tim Chen, Organizer for Taiwan Homeschool Advocates, and his wife Dorota Chen-Wernik >> 



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