Sugata Mitra: Why I Am Going to Rio

Sugata Mitra

The GHEC 2016 in Rio this year is a timely and large event.

Home Education has always been a somewhat controversial issue in children's education. Some are afraid, others are skeptical of the results. It is interesting to think that the same is not the case with adult education. It is perfectly acceptable to complete a degree course from home from a reputed Open University. Why do we not equate home education for adults with home education for children? I think there is an (usually) unspoken opinion that children cannot learn by themselves, without the scaffolding that schools and teachers provide. But this argument seems to have flaws. These flaws have, accidentally, been exposed ...  READ MORE >>

Homeschool Family Interviewed on Taiwan TV

Interview with homeschoolers Tim Chen and Dorota Chen-Wernik

Have you thought about homeschooling your children? What are some of the important factors for families to consider? On this edition of Taiwan Outlook, Mr. Tim Chen and his wife, Mrs. Dorota Chen-Wernik, who are the co-authors of the book titled "My Home is an International School – Raising Global Kids by Taiwanese Dad and Polish Mom," share the experience of homeschooling their three children and the challenges that they face in Taiwan.

Irina Shamolina: Why I Am Going to Rio

Irina Shamolina

Irina Shamolina is a key influencer in the home education community in Russia and is a featured speaker at the 2016 GHEC.  Be sure to register for the GHEC 2016 today to hear her speak in these sessions: "Effective Policy Advocacy: Equipping Home Education Leaders" (Thursday, March 10); "Home Education Around the World: Struggles, Successes, and Strategies" (Saturday, March 12); and "Thinking Globally, Acting Locally: Strategies for A Global Movement. (Saturday, March 12)" Read her personal account of why she is endorsing and participating in the Rio Conference!

Pay It Forward for Homeschoolers Worldwide

Pay it forward for international homeschoolers

Join a worldwide campaign to pay it forward for families who are fighting for the freedom to home educate their children. Someone else fought tirelessly a generation ago to secure homeschool freedom for you and me—now it’s our turn to pay it forward. Homeschoolers around the globe need our help—and the power to give it is in our pockets. All it takes is a small donation to the “Pay It Forward for Homeschoolers Worldwide” campaign today. Your contribution will help rising homeschool champions from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and beyond to attend the Global Home Education Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in March 2016.


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